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Childbirth Classes

Our Childbirth education course is a 4 part 4 hour course that offers evidence based information to prepare you for your pregnancy, childbirth experience, and postpartum phase. Each week we will dive into different topics that will help you understand what choices you have during your pregnancy and delivery and the benefits and risk of the most common pregnancy and childbirth interventions.

Breastfeeding Classes

The Breastfeeding basics course is designed to give every family a good solid foundation to their Breastfeeding journey. Each class is 2 hours long and walks families through the process of how milk is made, how to breastfeed, Breastfeeding lifestyle, Breast care, and so much more.

Breastfeeding Educator course

The Community Breastfeeding Educator course is a 8 hour workshop that provides professionals with a basic breastfeeding knowledge. During this power packed course students will learn the anatomy and physiology of the breast, how milk is made, how to assess a latch and, the skills to correct an improper latch. Each student will be given access to documents that can be used for assessment, books for further reading and tips and tricks to help every family who they come into contact with. This course is intended for anyone who comes into contact with pregnant and breastfeeding families such as: Doulas, Community Health Workers, and Home Visitors.